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We have an allotment at Marshfield Road on which we work communally, preparing, planting and harvesting vegetables and fruit.

Our products in the last year have included rhubarb, blackcurrants, gooseberries, leeks, courgettes, onions, beetroots, cabbages (red and green), tomatoes and raspberries.  The variable wet and then hot weather conditions affected crop quantities and quality but we have enjoyed harvesting and eating our produce.

Also, we each have a small area to grow whatever we choose and this year individual crops have included sweetcorn, strawberries, cauliflowers, sweet peas, asparagus, squashes, pumpkins, and herbs, plus decorative and edible flowers.

We are a small group and invite new members to join when we have a vacancy.  We welcome visitors to come and chat with us as we work or relax and enjoy fresh air therapy.

Days & Times

2nd and 4th Thursday 

at 10 30 am.

Allotment 28, Marshfield Road, Minehead. 

Group Contacts

Alex Rowe

01643 709320

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