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MOTO (members on their own) is for people who are single or their partner who has no interest in the u3a. You may join as a "social member" at any time and pop in and out of events, depending on your timetable.

MOTO social events are organised on a "try it and see" basis. Depending on the interest shown by MOTO members I try to find events on different subjects, e.g. cinema, theatre, outdoor interests and am always happy for fellow members to organise something they have a specific interest in. This year we have visited two NGS sites; Doverey Museum, followed by a lunch; a cinema visit;and several walks organised by Catherine Knight, who is a very skilled walking guide with plenty of information about the flora and fauna we are seeing. Of course we are having a "Christmas Lunch" at the Old Ship Aground, Minehead on December 19th. And next year we are planning to see a "pantomime" after Christmas.

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