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MOTO Lunch Club

MOTO (members on their own) is for people who are single or their partner who has no interest in the u3a. You may join as a "social member" at any time and pop in and out of events, depending on your timetable.

MOTO lunch club is limited to 12 people at a time but I maintain a "reserve" list and often find there are spaces for those on that list. If a member misses three consecutive lunches they are moved to the reserve list to allow other members to have a place and eventually move back on to the regular list. We visit a different venue on the same day each month, usually a pub, and it can be anywhere in the Minehead district.  I try to keep the meal prices reasonable (less than £15 per course). Occasionally we have to pre-order our meals and I will send out a copy menu with the reminder. I do not make a fixed diary of locations as often find the venue is not always available.

Days & Times

Fourth Wednesday in the month.



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